APS has endorsed the CBC proposal for status conversion to be presented before long to the contract workers who are members of its bargaining unit.

The period for the decision on the choice of status will run until March 15, 2017. This means that contract workers wishing to switch status will be given approximately one month to make their choice.

Personalized Offer

The obligation to present written offers of conversions will be in the hands of each of the supervisors responsible for each of the eligible contract worker. The written offer is made up of a presentation text coupled with an acceptance form to be signed by the employee. Each Supervisor will be hand delivering the documents to each employee.

The Human Resources personnel responsible for each of the Departments or the Services where eligible contract employees (with three or more years of seniority) are located, will be available to provide assistance for those employees wishing support.

Negotiated Agreement

During the negotiations for the renewal of our collective agreement there was an agreement between the parties that an offer to change status would be offered to the contract workers in light of the changes brought to art.16 of the agreement. Even though APS was expecting an earlier offer, the terms and conditions of the present offer meet the requirements that were expressed at the time; an open and free option, without constraints, afforded to each eligible employee.

Consult your individual Supervisor for any information concerning your personal situation because this will be the starting point for every conversion offer.



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