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The Association of Professionals and Supervisors, APS, is a body certified by the Canada Industrial Relations Board, CIRB, since 1995. This body is composed of:

All supervisory staff of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or professional employees within the meaning of the Code, and all employees who perform similar or comparable functions, excluding employees covered by other certification orders and employees who are employed in a confidential capacity in matters relating to industrial relations.

More than 800 employees scattered across the country are included in APS, from St. John's to Vancouver, with a large concentration of members in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

1978 - Protocol of recognition for ACMA

The CBC/Radio-Canada Corporation grants the Association the right to represent its members for the purpose of upgrading their working conditions. The acronym stands for:  Association des cadres - Manager's Association. Participation is on a voluntary basis and membership numbers approximately 1000 employees from both English and French Networks, working in all parts of the country.

1991 - Restructuring the union representation

The Canada Labour Relations Board, now Canada Industrial Relations Board, undertakes a long series of hearings which finally modify considerably the makeup of union representation at the CBC/Radio-Canada Corporation. In the English Network, three bargaining units are defined while the French Network ends up with four. The Board also recognizes the possibility of the birth of a new unit to represent employees not included in those new units.

1993 - Birth of APS

ACMA decides to finish its existence giving way to the creation of a new association totally dedicated to becoming a professional union. An application to unionize is filed before the Board.

1995 - The vote

At the end of a long process involving the CBC/Radio-Canada Corporation as well as the other units, the Board proclaims a vote involving the 1079 employees concerned by the APS application. In the fall of the same year, the results come out with more than a 70% rate of approval for APS. The bargaining certificate is then granted to APS to represent the Professionals and the Supervisors of the CBC as well as all employees holding comparable or similar jobs.

Since then, APS has been negotiating many collective agreements since the first one signed in June 1997, two years after the delivery of the APS bargaining certificate. The present one will expire March 31, 2020.

More information

Additional information about the APS history is available on the following PDF document: