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The employer is persisting in its crusade to prevent APS employees from receiving « On-Call » premiums for work accomplished outside of regular hours of work. This is the unfortunate result of the exchange on the subject following the National Joint Committee meeting held in Montreal on May 1, 2017.

On April 6, 2017, we had sent the alert to prevent our members concerning abuses in the interpretation of the clause providing for premiums for multiple calls during rest periods. The text clearly states, « On-call employees will receive a minimum of three (3) hours regular pay when required to work ». And the ending of the clause reaffirms the notion of a minimal payment:« Employees who are [on call ] assignments will be paid a minimum of three (3) hours ».

The employer maintains its position that this payment is restricted to a single payment during a 24-hour period. However this restriction is nowhere to be found in the text of the clause nor was it ever considered during negotiations.

This provision was introduced in the collective agreement to stop cases of abuses during rest periods. The employer is persisting in its intentions to limit payments to a one time only during a 24-hour period. The failure to resolve the problem at the National Joint Committee table leaves us with the alternative to resort to legal recourses. This is the option we will undertake to follow in the coming weeks.