This page deals with frequently asked questions concerning the 2021 Salary Review Guidelines.

When I have reached the Midpoint Reference Zone in my pay band, am I still eligible for a salary increase?

Yes.  Once you have reached your Midpoint Reference Zone and providing you met the expectations, you are entitled to a minimum increase of 1.4% or higher if you exceeded expectations. However, your manager may grant you a higher increase. Refer to the compensation grid in the Salary Increase Guidelines to identify the percentage of salary increase you are entitled to.

I met the expectations and I am below the Midpoint Reference Zone. Still, I received less than 1.7% in salary increase.  Is it acceptable?

No. If your performance evaluation rates that you « meet expectations » and that you are below the Midpoint Reference Zone, you should receive a minimum of 1.7% salary increase. You may also be eligible to an adjustment relative to salary progression. If you were not awarded at least a 1.7% salary increase, please contact your union representative.

How are the continuous service years calculated to reach the Midpoint Reference Zone?

The account of the service years begins on the first day in the same pay band zone held in the current position.

For example, an employee who began to work at CBC on November 1st 2021 will complete the 7th year of continuous service on October 31st 2028.  Supposing the same employee remained in the same pay band throughout those years (ex PB-6), he/she will reach his/her Midpoint Reference Zone on November 1st 2028 at the latest, thus upon the beginning of the 8th year of continuous service. If you did not reach the Midpoint Reference Zone after 7 years of continuous service in the same pay band zone, please contact your union representative.

I will complete my 7th year of continuous service in the same pay band in the fall of 2021, but I am still below the Midpoint Reference Zone.  Is it true, I will have to wait for the following salary review process in June 2022 to reach the Midpoint Reference Zone?

No. According to Article 3, Appendix «G» of the most recent collective agreement: «Employees with sustained performance will progress to the midpoint of the Reference Zone, in the same pay band, by the start of the 8th year».

It means that if you have not reached your Midpoint Reference Zone at the most recent salary review process in June, you will be eligible for a second increase on the first day of your 8th years of service at the latest so as to reach your Midpoint Reference Zone.  If you have any questions, please contact your union representative.

I am a contract employee. Are the increases calculated on base salary or base salary + 12.5%?

The salary increases are calculated on the base salary.

I do not agree with the results of my performance assessment? Do I still have to approve the performance appraisal form?

If you are not in agreement with the results of your performance assessment, you are not required to click « I agree with the Content and Rating ».  Instead, add your comments in the box reserved for this purpose explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction with the performance evaluation. Please contact your union representative if you have any questions.

How are annual vacations calculated?

Refer to the following table :

Years of service Number of vacation days
0-9 years 20 days
10-11 years 21 days
12-13 years 22 days
14-15 years 23 days
16-17 years 24 days
18-19 years 25 days
20-21 years 26 days
22-23 years 27 days
24 years 28 days
25-26 years 30 days
27-28 years 31 days
29-30 years 32 days
31-32 years 33 days
33-34 years 34 days
35 years + 35 days