Collective Agreement 

In accordance with article 23.2, this collective agreement is prolonged to March 31, 2022. The current collective agreement as well as those from previous years can be found here.

Current Collective Agreement

Salary review 

The salary conditions of APS members are detailed in the following Human Resources policy document. This HR policy is headed up by the Appeal Procedure for employees-members of the APS/CBC Collective Agreement.

2021 Salary Review Guidelines Review Guidelines

Employment status (Contractual vs Permanent Status)

The chart below serves as a general reference tool. It was prepared at our request by the employer to help contract employees evaluate the differences between statuses. For instance, you will notice in the last line of the chart, the cost for the employer in both cases for permanent and contract employees. This is to show that some benefits tied to permanent status are not necessarily paid by the employees. For example, in the case of contributions to the pension fund, the portion paid by the employer is higher than the portion paid by the employee. The result is that supplemental benefits can also be considered. You can best find out by consulting the specialists at Shared Services at 866-999-7888.

2021 -Contract to Permanent Basic Estimator

Employee assistance program

This page includes the reports of the Employee Assistance Program Committee. For more information concerning the Employee Assistance Program, please consult your iO! portal.

Employee Assistance Program

FAQ – Employee Assistance Program Committee


JEDI Committee

Staff benefits 

This page includes the reports of the Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits (CCSB). For additional information regarding social benefits, please consult your iO! portal.

Benefit Eligibility Chart

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

You will find here useful documents in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 – Protocol for confirmed employee case