Since its creation, APS has supported its members by representing them in negotiations for collective agreements. From the start, wages have been a priority issue. Indeed, before the establishment of the association was created the wage situation was chaotic, to say the least. Salary scales varied widely for people in the same jobs. Salary increases, overtime and employment contracts were unregulated. The yearning for consistency and equity in wages provided much of the impetus for the creation of APS. 

In its first negotiation on remuneration, the founding team of APS worked to introduce the concept of the standard contract applicable to all employees under contract status, who accounted at the time for roughly 40% of professional and supervisory staff. The Standard Contract is still in effect today and applies to nearly 25% of the membership now covered under the working conditions set out in the collective agreement.

Another major gain concerned overtime. Professionals and managers are not usually remunerated or compensated for overtime. The current formula of time and a half on a quarterly basis was approved and implemented only after numerous battles. This formula, exclusive to APS membership, provides access to overtime and affords flexibility in the organization of working hours.

Finally, APS’s success in the area of wage increases speaks for itself (see tables below). Over the last four years, the increases have averaged 2.3% per employee. Some 150 members will also receive supplementary increases of 2 to 3% depending on individual performance in the 2019 reference year. These increases will also occur in 2021. Additionally, all APS members’ wages are automatically adjusted to the mid-point of their respective pay bands upon completion of 7 years of continuous service in the same pay band, regardless of a member’s existing pay. This system replaces the traditional pay grades (steps) found in other collective agreements. Yet another innovative formula which, over the years, has ensured among the strongest salary increases at CBC/Radio-Canada, including the salary increases paid to managers.