Thursday, January 21, 2021

Sébastien Fleurant becomes the new APS president for Montreal, the first from the IT universe to head the Montreal chapter of our Association. Until now all former presidents hailed from the world of TV Production all holding the position of Technical Directors. This impressive list of predecessors includes two National President of APS, Mario Poudrier and Stéphane Désautels. The very first President Pierre Beaucage retired last year while the last Isabelle Benoit just left us as the result of a promotion to the ranks of Management.

Following the National President Stéphane Désautels’ suggestion, Sébastien accepted the Montreal presidency while he was standing as National Secretary. Before that, Sébastien had been a very active member of the Montreal team organizing the Local’s famous Christmas parties and by sitting as the union representative on the National Joint Committee and the Montreal Workforce Adjustment Committee. Presently Sébastien also heads the Communication Committee responsible for the recent spectacular image change of the union. Both for the revamping of the Web site as well as the new branding of the association he has succeeded as President, to unify efforts of the external consultants and those of the involved APS members to come up with a true success.

The Montreal Executive Committee greeted unanimously its new President to fill the position in an interim until the end of the mandate this coming summer.