An unprecedented stratagem in the short history of APS came to light by discovering an unusual number of temporary employees working as Script Editors in Montreal.  Casual workers without any status were being used to fill recurring job needs. A clear case of unfair practice aimed at employees hired without any status, any protection for access to marginal benefits nor salaries available to the other members of the union.

The problem was finally resolved at the satisfaction of both parties at the end of March by an agreement to erase the last of the litigious points holding up the re-conduction of the collective agreement.

The CBC will now fulfill the recurring work needs of that department with two permanent positions, the last one having been created via the March agreement. That position will work under part-time status with a two day per week guarantee assorted with a priority for all replacements in the Department. To compensate for lost earnings the CBC will disburse a sum corresponding to 12.5% of salaries paid over a two-year period to the 9 employees involved.

Recognizing the exceptional nature of this situation, the agreement will come to an end at the expiration of the collective agreement in 2022.