Friday, April 22, 2022

The terms of the new collective agreement recently signed between the parties come into effect on April 1st  of the current year. The deal was struck on March 25 at the Negotiation Table but many more steps needed to be completed before implementing the changes in the context of the new agreement. The consultation with the members for the approval or rejection of the deal was scheduled to end on April 12, 2022.

Immediate Application

This is why the first monetary applications of the agreement that covered many members were not submitted to specific time delays. Those increases targeted mainly members who had not reached the mid-point of their salary band or employees not having reached the 55% of their salary band after 15 years of service or again some employees having recorded exceptional performances. All these cases are covered in the Letters of Understanding included in the agreement. In the context of the negotiation timeline, those dates were impossible to determine albeit they needed to be done for this coming summer.

Therefore, hats off, to the Management Team for the timely conversion of those increases, before the annual traditional period. Especially for those members at the receiving end of two increases for this year.