Monday, June 27, 2022

In response to questions from our members preoccupied with the perspective of a labour conflict in the French Network now available through the application of the rights to strike or lockout, APS wishes to remind all concerned of the position it has always followed through the years.


Even though the federal Code is more lenient than other Codes to authorize the recourse to replace absent workers away from their positions because of labour conflicts, APS has always recommended to its members to stay away from replacement work. For reasons of union solidarity and also for sound management practice, the Association considers it improper behaviour to ask its members to do replacement work.

However, the conditions of our collective agreement continue to apply for every one of our members to carry on with their jobs normally in the context of their obligations as employees. This is why we will intervene with Management, if need be, to ensure the security and the protection of each one of our members in the case of a work conflict. As in the past also, APS will intervene to prevent direct or indirect pressure aimed at individual members to do replacement work.

Finally, the APS Executive Committee will continue to monitor closely the unfolding developments in this case knowing that the negotiation process is still running.