Sunday, April 23, 2023

 On April 24, your manager will give you his/her comments and final performance rating.

You can then review and add your final comments in My Source. You will need to close that form no later than April 28, 2023.


To facilitate the reading of the assessment, APS and the employer agreed that the relevant data will be on one page. The full document concerning your evaluation will also be accessible for consultation.


If you disagree with the performance rating your manager has given, you will first need to specify this directly to your manager. If, after that discussion, your performance rating remains the same and you still disagree, you must indicate this in My Source by recording a note in the Employee Notes section and also by NOT CHECKING the box « I Acknowledge the Content and Rating ».  We then urge you to contact APS as soon as possible to discuss the next steps (if APS doesn’t know about it, we can’t do anything about it).