Tuesday, May 16, 2023

In accordance with the APS By-Laws, the following positions of the Montreal Local Branch are up for election in 2023.

  • President of Montreal Local Executive (Director of the Montreal Branch within the National Executive Committee)
  • Secretary of the Montreal Local Branch (1 position)
  • Director of the Montreal Branch (11 positions)

All members in good standing (aka « voting members ») wishing to submit their candidacy for this position must fill out the form below. Your request must include the names, CBC e-mail addresses and phone numbers of five other members in good standing who support your candidacy.

This Candidacy Form must be completed and received at the latest, by June 1 2023 at the e-mail address: maria.gaglione@apscbcsrc.org

To become a member in good standing, complete the Registration Form. The procedure for payment of the mandatory $5 fee will be sent upon receipt of the form.

Candidacy Form: APS Mise en candidature – Section locale de Montéal – Candidacy Form – Montreal Local Branch