Thursday, November 18, 2021

The two proposals from the National Executive for this year’s vote were accepted with strong majorities.

VOTE NUMBER ONE: « That the accounting firm, Désormeaux, Patenaude Inc. be appointed to submit APS financial statements for the fiscal year 2021-2022. »  YES: 96%

VOTE NUMBER TWO:  « Amend the By-Laws to give the National Executive Committee sole responsibility to choose the accounting firm for the Financial Statements. »  YES: 79%

There were two votes submitted this year to the participating members of our association. The first involved the nomination of the independent auditors to undertake the 2021-2022 financial statements mandate while the second one dealt with a change to our By-Laws to skip the recourse to a national vote to elect the auditors. Both votes were recommendations from the National Executive Committee; the first to proceed for the last time to endorse the selection of the accounting firm by way of a national vote and the second to prevent in the future the costly procedure of a national consultation given its limited usefulness. In both cases, casted votes supported the proposals of the Executive Committee.

In total 52.8% of participating members (217) took part in the consultation. The results of the first ballot on the choice of the accounting firm recorded the participation of 171 members who have chosen to exercise their option to vote while the second ballot showed 182 members also choosing to exercise their option to vote.

For the nomination of the accounting firm Desormeaux, Patenaude, 165 voters cast their approval while 6 voted NO for an approval rate of 96% while the proposed change for the By-Laws resulted in 143 votes for the YES option and 39 against for an approval rate of 79%. For validation purposes, a simple majority (50%+1) was needed for the first vote while a two-thirds majority (66%) was needed for the second one.

Members having opted for abstention were as numerous as in previous consultations with 46 for vote number one and 35 for vote number two.