Monday, December 4, 2023

On December 4, 2023, Radio-Canada/CBC announced that it will eliminate some 800 positions across the country.  These position reductions will take place among both unionized and non-unionized employees.

We know that 200 of the 800 positions in question are vacant positions that will not be filled. Voluntary departures, including retirements, will be added to this. The employer indicates that these cuts will not be made all at once but over the coming year.

Why These Job Cuts?

These cuts are the consequence, among other things, we are told, of drops in advertising revenues, higher production costs and financial cuts from the federal government. In short, a shortfall of $125 million.


Impact On APS Members

We do not know how many APS positions will be eliminated. It is, therefore, impossible for us to know, for the moment, what the real impact of these cuts will be on our members.

However, we suspect some members may receive a notice stating their position is declared redundant earlier than next year. Should that be the case, do not hesitate to contact your APS union representative or write via the APS website.


Period of Uncertainty for Many

For many, an announcement of this magnitude will create a state of uncertainty and stress.

It is essential to support each other and use existing assistance programs should you feel the need.


APS Is There for You

 Our collective agreement contains several relevant provisions for this type of situation.

APS will spare no effort to represent you in order to reduce the impacts of this reduction in positions. We will issue press releases as developments arise, as well as personalized communications, if the situation requires it.