Friday, June 14, 2024

As you may know, the most recent (2022-2025) version of the APS Collective Agreement Article 18.8 reads in English:

« When an employee is required to work past midnight and before 7 a.m., he will be compensated at the regular rate plus 50% (1.5) of their hourly rate for each hour worked during those hours. »

However, this language isn’t in line with what CBC and APS negotiated in 2022, nor the current French version or any previous versions in either language, which all declare we are to be (translation from us) « compensated at the regular rate plus 15% for each hour worked during this period.»

In other words, the current English version is incorrect by mistake, and the nighttime premium will continue to be 15%. Based on that, CBC maintains this is being paid out correctly, and APS has requested that CBC’s WORKDAY team ensure that is the case to avoid any possible overpayment that could lead to a pay recovery.