Thursday, December 15, 2022

During the last round of negotiations that concluded in April 2022, APS negotiated an additional amount of one million dollars above our annual salary increases that were to be aimed at adjusting wages.

These wage adjustments were to take place throughout the duration of our three-year collective agreement but were completed in April and June of this year, well before the expiry of our collective agreement.

This provided a wage adjustment to some 200 members.


The Corporation has now informed APS that it intends to distribute an additional amount of $800,000 to adjust the wages of members whose remuneration is still below what it should be, based on the duties performed. This amount will serve to adjust the wages of approximately 200 members.

Once completed this month, the total amount of $1.8 million will have been distributed to some 300 members (some members will have received more than one wage adjustment).


The members who will benefit from these new wage adjustments were met or will be met shortly by their managers. The objective of these meetings is to explain the exact wage adjustment that will be allocated.


It shall always be APS’s utmost priority to do everything in our power to obtain better working conditions and wages in line with the value of the work we perform.

The work continues.

Stéphane Désautels, National President