Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The outcome of this year’s cycle of performance evaluations (2022) ended up with a record of complaints of all sorts coming in from the French as well as from the English Network and a wide array of Departments and Services. Despite fierce representations made to Management, the corrective measures geared to upgrade article 10 of the new collective agreement (Performance Review and Appraisal) did not materialize.

The basic problem of providing each employee with a simple one-sheet document regrouping the supervisor’s comments, the rating accompanied by the resulting percentage increase was not solved to the union’s satisfaction.

The promise to re-engineer the existing system was impossible to implement for this year’s version of the performance evaluation due to the short lapse of time between the launching of the new agreement and the start of the evaluation cycle. We were well aware of the problem but corrective actions should have been much better. This is why the problem will be on top of the union’s priority list at the next National Joint Committee meeting between the parties.

We have been told that the introduction of the new software will answer every point negotiated by the two parties to cover the changes in article 10.2 d), the now-famous one-page note, and even more. We intend to oversee the situation by committing all the resources at our disposal to make sure that this year’s fiasco never happens again.