Friday, November 10, 2023

Significant developments have occurred since our last WORKDAY release. We now have CBC representatives dedicated to correcting the WORKDAY issues, including one person who works directly on WORKDAY. Here is the latest news.

« On call  » Additional Remuneration to Members

Many of you have told us that the payment of $3 an hour after 2,000 hours «  on call » was either paid at $2 an hour or not at all, in some cases.

The employer informs us that everything will be corrected on November 30th. The correction is in three parts, and they will be as follows:

  1. Research conducted by CBC identified members who had not received the « on-call » remuneration as described in the collective agreement before the implementation of WORDAY, in this case, in 2022. This retroactivity will be paid on the November 30th Twenty-four members are in this group.
  2. Retroactive amounts due for 2023 will also be paid on November 30th
  3. The WORKDAY system has been reconfigured so that the accurate amounts will be paid to those on call in the future.

This is excellent news, and we would like to thank the members who shared the errors and, especially, for your patience.

Other Problems Experienced

All the issues sent to us were submitted to the WORKDAY special committee. We have been assured that the follow-up will be done for each complaint submitted. It is, therefore, possible that if you have submitted a problem to us, you will be contacted by a CBC representative regarding your situation. It may not happen in 24 hours due to a high volume of complaints, but the dynamics we are noticing from the employer suggest that things will move quickly.

Do You Have New Problems?

If this happens to be the case, the first step is to let your manager know to correct the situation. If the problem still needs to be fixed and you feel it should be, despite the explanations received, please let us know at

A Welcome Move

We see a willingness to correct situations that need to be fixed. We will, therefore, continue the discussions and meetings with the WORKDAY special committee so that your problems are corrected as soon as possible.

We will keep you informed of developments as they arise.